Technological equipment

Cross splicing up to the length of 3400 mm

Cross splicing on the Fisher+Rückle veneer splicer up to the length of 3400 mm with automatic stacking of veneers. We use the equipment to the advantage for manufacture of large series and large-scale veneer splices.

Precise glue application

Used machine equipment enables us to assure exact application of required glue layer to veneer edge along full stack length. This is how it significantly contributes to high-quality joint along full gap length and, at the same time, it prevents from glue overflow.

Clean and truly parallel veneer cutting up to the length of 3300 mm

The use of double-knife guillotine Fisher+Rückle Cutmaster allows us to achieve clean and absolutely parallel veneer cutting up to the length of 3,300 mm. This guarantees perfect splicing afterwards.

Longitudinal splicing up to 2.5mm thick

We use longitudinal glued splice joints made on the Omnimaster machine mainly for the production of composite veneer splices and intarsias, or for orders with many various dimensions.

Final treatment of veneer splices

The Edgemaster machine has been designed for straightening and gluing of veneer splice ends. The machine cuts veneer splices to a required format neatly and veneer ends are locked with a tape protecting the veneer splices from breaking.

Glue thread joints

We use classic “zigzag” method to join veneer splices using a glue thread on the Kuper machine. Although this technology is currently abandoned gradually, we must emphasize the fact that veneer splicing operators cannot make do without this machine, as it is impossible to produce some types of veneer splices by the glue joint method.

Manual veneer splice joining using a glue applicator

We use manual glue applicator for e.g. inserting of panels into frame doors or intarsia production.

The company Dar-Dýha, s.r.o. possess primary state-of-the-art equipment to meet demanding requirements for quality and final product parameters. Here you may get known a selection from our technologies and an example of their impact upon the manufacturing process.

In order to maintain top quality parameters and provide high-level services, we continuously select and invest into latest technologies. These innovations then enable us to provide our customers with products manufactured pursuant to the most advanced trends for competitive prices.

Namely in the wood-processing industry, given the material nature, significant effect of human factor upon the final product quality needs to be highlighted. During our operation in the market, we have managed to build a stable team of trained and experienced staff who participate in success of our products to a remarkable extent.

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