Dar-Dýha, s.r.o. výroba a prodej dýh, sesazenek, Břeclav


About us


In 1992, the limited liability company Dar-dýha, s.r.o. Břeclav was founded as a sales warehouse of the Austrian manufacturer of sliced natural veneers of largely European provenience of the company Holz &Furniervertrieb-Salzburg.

  • 1995 - we expanded the assortment of spliced natural veneers with American woods and some timber kinds
  • 2000 - besides veneer sales, the company Dar-Dýha starts to produce veneer splices - Kuper glue thread technology
  • 2005 - we broadened veneer splice production with the most modern form of joint – glued joint veneer splices - Fischer-Rückle technology
  • 2008 - cross splicing on the Fisher+Rückle veneer splicing machine up to the length of 3400 mm with automatic stacking of veneers

Thanks to the representation of spliced natural veneers, the company Dar-Dýha s.r.o. Břeclav ranks among vendors with top-quality raw materials and production potential. We believe that veneer splices or veneer from our company will meet all your requirements. Through a personal visit at your premises, as well as our distribution service, we would like to make you one of our satisfied clients.



DAR-DÝHA, s.r.o.

Contact details:

D A R - D Ý H A, s.r.o.
Lidická 3133
690 02 Břeclav

Phone : +436 643 421 032

Fax: +420 519 322 324
E-mail: info@dardyha.cz
WWW: http://www.dardyha.cz